Swimwear for Men of all Shapes and Sizes

Swimwear for Men of all Shapes and Sizes

Swimwear for men in this day and age has certainly improved over that of even a mere fifty years ago. Those tasteless trunks never did anything flattering for a man except for those men that were in fabulous physical shape. Of course, those guys were going to look amazing in pretty much anything they were wearing. On the other hand, the men that needed a bit more camouflage might have been grateful for the boring swim trunks because then, they didn’t stand out negatively in a crowd.

There are few worries anymore, though, about what men will look like when in their swimwear for men. Now, designers have taken this area of clothing quite seriously and have done all they can to make sure that there are choices for every man in the world no matter what their shape or size. Obviously, heavier men may want to do what they can to acquire a more fit body because it really doesn’t matter what sort of swimsuit you’re wearing; you just cannot hide a large beer belly. In fact, if it happens to be really large, your swimsuit may be totally hidden from view and no one will be able to see just how cool it actually is. Just something to think about.

For you men that are in decent physical shape, there are choices galore in swimwear for men. You don’t have to be perfect, mind you. Just try to keep your body at a healthy weight and do a few muscle building exercises when you can work them into your hectic schedule. Oh wait! Swimming is an excellent way to exercise! Now you can kill two birds with one stone! Put on the swimsuit of your choice and hit the pool or the ocean. Anywhere that allows you to get some swimming in will be perfect. Show off that swimsuit while showing off just how much you care about physical fitness. Your swimsuit issues will be solved!


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Just did a mens swimwear photo shoot. Swimwear for men is getting completely extreme.

We just did an extreme mens swimwear photo shoot last week along with a cock ring collection photo shoot for our new cock ring corner. Tons of hot cock rings to go along with all our male chastity cock cages and of course the hottest mens swimwear on the planet. Extreme bikinis, thongs, g-strings, sheer swimsuits, fetish spandex, cock displays, sex wear, anal wear, penis enlargement stretchers and to many other insane styles to list. All amazing and all made in the USA!


Swimwear for men excitement

Be Extra Picky with Swimwear for Men

If you are thinking of buying your first ever swimwear for men then you are automatically given the license to be extra picky with it. Of course, you don’t exactly have to be overly picky because you might not end up with anything more considering the fact that the end of summer is just a week away. With this in mind, it would be best for you to think in terms of getting the nicest style so that your whole search will be so worth it.


Do not forget that when it comes to swimwear for men  you can ever well enjoy the perks that your deserve. I would know because during the very first time that I bought my swimwear for men, I immediately knew and figured how it can change my sex life for the better. Even if I wasn’t really addicted to having sex, I was transformed into this new person who is very active.


So if you want to be able to experience the same thing and if you want to surprise your partner with your new sex antics, grab the chance to make it happen by making sure that you get the swimwear for men that you truly deserve and that truly fits you. This is really going to change your life for the better so it’s important to really be serious about it.

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Swimwear for men by koalaswim.com extreme bikinis, thongs, g-strings

Swimwear for men by koalaswim.com extreme bikinis, thongs, g-strings

Swimwear for men Love for spandex

If you want to wow your man, start wearing the sexy swimwear for men and flaunt those packed abs that you have been painstakingly working out at the gym for quite some time now. With your well sculpted body, your muscled and long legs, and the newly bought sexy hot swimsuit. They are a great sight to be seen while you strut your way towards the crowd. You will definitely be the night’s hot topic.


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I have been working so hard to get into shape so I can show off the abs that I have now. I am really happy that I did all those gym times; it is paying off especially when I wear my newly bought swimwear for men thong style in deep blue. I like my looks on it and I am told by quite a few that it contrasts my fair white skin too. I am going to get a few more of these, but I am thinking to get a different types. Maybe I could start to try on G strings too. I was told it is very hot and sexy to look at. I want to be like that. Hot and sexy, looking so delectable for him.

Swimwear for men yummy styles!

Yummy Swimwear for Men


Swimwear for men Yummy style by koalaswim.com extreme swimwear

Swimwear for men Yummy style by koalaswim.com


I feel so yummy every time I wear swimwear for men. It’s like I am transformed into this guy who is all about having fun in bed and anywhere else. I like how people would usually look at me and ask me what’s my secret and I can’t help but feel proud. I wouldn’t usually tell them that it’s all about what’s underneath me. I think that makes up for the suspense.


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Speaking of suspense, I like how I need to usually create and recreate myself by making up all these stories with my partner. But just like any book, I like heightening the element of suspense. Guys love it when I do that. They tell me that they want to taste me almost too immediately and I wouldn’t oblige just like that. They will ask me and beg me and I will just keep them waiting.


And then when I’m ready to go, and when my dick is as hard as it can possibly ever contain, I will give them what they want. They would usually grab the swimwear for men that I am wearing, carefully oblige and suck into my cock. What a great feeling!

Swimwear for men going super bikini small

When you feel like that the relationship has gone a little less active than normal, maybe it is time to get some spice. Once the activeness has become monotonous, best thing to do is find something to liven up the spirits. Get into the action again; use something different like swimwear for men sexy items. This is definitely a sure fire to keep you and your man on fire. At first you may think that it is not the case. Maybe you and he are just tired from work. No, it is not that. If you both are in the active phase of the moment, even though the body is tired, the spirit has to be raging!


Swimwear for men bikinis by koalaswim.com

Swimwear for men bikinis by koalaswim.com extreme designs for real men!


Koalaswim.com mens swimwear sex wear fetish Lycra and so much more!!!


Wear that cute and tiny swimwear for men under wears and see the difference. Being sexy once in a while is a good boost for you and him. Tease each other when you feel like being teased yourself. It is not bad to look naughty for him. He will like it for sure. Take the step to make the night hot again. Get the item and slip it on under your pants and wait till he comes to bed. He will be smiling in no time when he sees you wearing one of the sexy undies.

Swimwear for men no more board shorts!

So many options when it comes to swimwear for men! But don’t let this hold you back from finding the best one to work you assets. All you have to do is begin your search at this very minute for the best options that’s available out there for sure. Remember, the idea is to find a type that will not only make you feel confident but that will also make your dick look as delish as possible.


Swimwear for men by koalaswim.com extreme swimwear

Swimwear for men by koalaswim.com


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Chances are when you find your match with a swimwear for men that’s right for you, then you are guaranteed that everyone you meet at the beach will definitely like to taste your body. Of course, you have to prepare for this encounter too to make sure that you wouldn’t disappoint anyone. Also, be as game as you can possibly ever imagine yourself to be.


So many swimwear for men are out there but if you are after quality, flexibility, and durability you have to make sure that it’s from Koala designs because they are known for creatig the best types of swimwear that will make everyone feel a certain pang of lust for you.

Swimwear for men sheer suits for fun

For my recent birthday, my boyfriend surprised me with three sets of swimwear for men. At first I was a bit hesitant because I didn’t really know if it would fit me and my personality in general. The first time I wore this thong-like design, I was quite uncomfortable because it’s way different from the usual kinds. But eventually it turned out for the best and I am glad that I have tried it.


Swimwear for men sheer by koalaswim.com extreme suit designs

Swimwear for men sheer by koalaswim.com


See the full line of men’s swimwear, extreme spandex sex wear, Lycra fetish suits, penis stretchers, male enhancement, penis enlargement, bikinis, thongs, G-strings, Koala fun wear, cock crushers, ball crushers, anal toys, anal stretchers, racing swimwear and so many things to excite and arouse you. Koalaswim.com mens swimwear.


Swimwear for men has made me become more comfortable of myself and of my sexual preference. That is to say, I used to worry too much about whether or not people will accept me if I come out and tell them that I am gay. I am lucky to have super supportive parents thus coming out to the family wasn’t a challenge but coming out to the rest of the world truly was.


Thankfully after seven years from the first time I admitted to my friends that I have a boyfriend of a year at that time and now of eight years, they accepted me and continued loving me. And now, with my newfound love for swimwear for men, I am more confident and contented with myself and who I truly am.

Swimwear for men extreme spandex Lycra suits

Swimwear for men by koalaswim.com extreme designs

Swimwear for men by koalaswim.com

My sex life was at an all time low for almost a year now. I have been told that I perform extremely well in bed so I am certain that isn’t the problem. There are some instances too wherein I will find a partner randomly at a bar and we will hook up and he automatically can’t get enough of me. He will call the day after and would ask for even more. But it seems that for the past couple of months this seldom happens.


I was talking to my gay friend when he said that it’s not my performance that’s the problem but rather my choice when it comes to swimwear for men. I didn’t realize it until then that this is indeed something truly important. I mean, people want to experiment especially those whom you’ve just met randomly at the bar. They want a great performance and they want a great foreplay too.


Mens swimwear




So just recently, I checked out the designs from Koala when it comes to their swimwear for men and I am so happy and grateful for what I found. Everything looks extreme and that my real personality in bed. So I am sure that the next time I hit the bars and hook up with a hunk, he won’t be able to resist me!

Swimwear for men and the Olympics

Love seeing the young men in the Olympics wearing their skin tight spandex Lycra swimsuits? Make sure to drop by koalaswim.com mens swimwear to see the hottest guys in the worlds most extreme swimsuit styles.


Your man would want to look great for you, that is a given. He would want you to think that he is the most dashing guy you have ever seen in your life, and that is good. This only means that he wanted to be yours and that you would enjoy having him in your life. In return, you want to give him something that will add to that dashing guy factor. Giving him a gift like swimwear for men is a good idea.


Swim wear for men by koalaswim.com

Swimwear for men by koalaswim.com


When you go out and look to purchase his swimming suit, it is best that you find something that fits his clothing style. Every man has his own style and it is pretty obvious that you know what that is being his partner. Begin with choosing something that yells ‘him’, that will show how much you know him well. Also, to add a little spice, his style combined with your taste is much a better choice for a swimwear for men present. Men would not always ask for gifts, they think they do not need it and that they can get it themselves. But do it anyhow, it is a sure fire to make him want you more.