Swimwear for Men

This blog will be all about swimwear for men and the designs I love wearing and seeing other men wear. The mens swimwear featured on this blog will be koalaswim.com suits because in my opinion there is nothing else on the market that comes close to their extreme designs, quality construction and the thrill I get wearing them.


The following information is off of my old swimwear for men site. After this post every post will be new and even though I am not a model I will be posting photos of myself wearing many suits from my collection, I have over 100 and growing all the time!

You can see models everywhere on the web I am just the guy next door.


The trend in swimwear for men designs is getting more extreme. Anal penetration swimwear, male to female transformation designs swimwear for men with penis shaped pouches for the beach and so much more. Out of all the new swimwear for men suits that were just added to Koala a few pop out as my personal favorites. I love the designs with anal hooks they are shocking but very sexy. I enjoy the look of the new grey and black suit that exposes part of the ball sack as part of the suits designs. With swimwear for men this extreme you need to be very confident in your body. That does not mean you need to have a models body to wear these suits just that you have a good body image and project it.

Other swimwear for men suits from this collection that jump out at me are the fem style suits, they have got to the point of completely converting the wearer to female and I find that not only amazing but exciting as well. Make sure to check out the new suits they just added. Two hot male models are together in most shots.

See the hottest new styles and the best looking male models at
Mens swimwear

There are new Koala swimwear for men styles just hitting the market that are blow away in a blow your mind sort of way. The suit called Micro Dagger Caged Fury was the first one I have selected to order. I will most likely order 4 or 5 new suits but this one jumped out as a clear first choice. It has a penis shaped pouch that is expandable and a built in three ring metal cock ring. I can see by the pouch style that it will handle my cock hard or soft though my thought is with the cock cage I will be hard most of the time. Sheer swimwear for men is becoming very popular on the beaches in Europe and I hope they become more popular on our beaches in the USA. I will be wearing sheer on my vacation to France this summer.

There isn’t a kid in the world who actually wants to work at a store in the mall. If you go in on a Saturday and see a sloppy teenager sneering at you from behind a desk in a designer clothing store, chances are he’s been coerced into it by his parents or he needs the money to pay for something he’s broken. I guess I’m one of the very few people who actually likes their summer job. I don’t particularly mind serving people all day who are probably going to spend three times as much in the mall in one day as I earn over the whole week. I don’t even mind helping elderly men into swimming shorts. I don’t enjoy it, because that’s probably a type of ‘philia’ that I’ve never heard of, but it’s all part of the job, you know? Actually, I’m probably pretty unusual because I enjoy what I do.

Surf in Style is a swimwear for men clothing store on the ground floor of the mall, kitted out with every kind of swimwear for men you could think of. There are whole aisles dedicated Speedos, literally an entire section of the store for diving gear and professional swimwear for competitions; we have about three hundred sandals up on display. It’s far bigger than it needs to be, and I don’t know how a swimwear for men store doesn’t go bankrupt in the winter months when nobody wants to get their toes wet, but somehow it stays afloat. I spend most of my day explaining how tight a pair of Speedos should be or arranging and rearranging the displays until it satisfies the store manager, quietly waiting for those moments when some buff guys strolls up to me and asks me to find him something to wear on the beach.

I say ‘stroll’, but it’s usually more a case of someone sidling up to me sheepishly and asking for help without meeting my eyes. Men don’t like to ask for help, but our swimwear for men store is so huge that I’m sure it’s pretty intimidating. I bet people have become lost among the bikini shorts shelves, or starved to death amongst the goggles counter. Anyway, once I get the question, I assume that I’ve got the thumbs up to put this guy in whatever I want and get him to parade around in front of the mirror in it. When I started this job, people would ask me to get them something that would suit them, or whatever, and I’d just shrug and grab the nearest pair of board shorts I could find, but over the weeks I’ve learnt to take a little more creative pride in my work. If you have enough confidence, most guys will ask your opinion on various swimwear for men by letting you see them in it – which is a sight well worth the two hours of arranging thongs in color order.

There’s a definite familiar structure when you ask a man to try on a range of swimwear. I’ve developed a pattern, by guessing whether the guy is going to freak out if I show him a bikini bottom and say how it’s really popular in Europe or if I can even get away with asking him to try on a posing pouch ‘just to see how it feels’. I’ve made a game of guessing how much flesh I can get the guy to show me without scaring him out of the store.

Step One: The Appraisal

As I’ve said, it’s an art form to estimate what you can get a man to try on without terrifying or embarrassing him. Nobody has ever got pissed at me yet, but a couple have panicked like startled gazelles and made their excuses to get away from swimwear for men. There are the play it safe types, who are no fun at all. They don’t want to show anything above the knee, and anything above mid-thigh is considered risqué. If you show these guys even a pair of Speedos they’ll look at you like you’re asking them to dress up in women’s underwear and find an excuse to get their swimwear for men elsewhere. Then there are the frightened rabbits. Once they’re in the store, you’ve pretty much got them cornered. Up to a point, they’ll try on almost anything you give them out of the fear of embarrassing themselves by refusing to try something that you’ve promised that ‘everybody’s wearing’. Push them too far, though, and they’ll run a mile, flushed and embarrassed. And finally, the best of the bunch is the naïve swimwear for men shoppers, who have no preconceptions and put their faith in your hands. I can usually get these guys to wear almost anything, which means that I can browse them while the move around in a tight little pair of bikini bottoms or a thong, wondering whether it shows a bit too much skin or not. Of course it does, but I’m not going to complain about that.

Step Two: Tried and Tested

Once I’ve supplied the valued customer with a range of outfits that I think I might be able to cajole them into wearing, I sit in the changing room and wait for the magic to happen. Unlike most people, I don’t really have a body shape that I find most attractive on a guy. It’s probably mostly testosterone and teenage hormones that make me get hard for almost any guy once I see him squeezing into swimwear for men, but I can’t really help it. I always get them to do a little 360 turn and move around a little bit (maybe bend over if I think that I can get away with asking them to do that and yet maintaining a professional tone of voice so that they don’t catch on that I want to see their pert little ass in the air covered in Lycra), while I ‘umm’ and ‘ahh’ and suggest that they try on something a little more skin tight.

Step Three:

I get really bored when I go down to the beach and see everyone wearing the exact same style of swimwear for men. All I’m trying to do is inject a little variety into the world. Board shorts are heavy when they get wet; most guys usually buy them too lose so they’re always having to drag them up their hips; they’re hard to swim in and take ages to dry. If you want to wear shorts, wear shorts, don’t buy swimwear for men that’s essentially exactly the same. Lately I’ve been giving myself a little pat on the back every time I get someone to buy something that isn’t board shorts or Speedos. And my campaign is kind of working – either that or people are getting a little more open minded. I always try to talk them into getting something a bit more exotic – because for all I’ve said about tricking my customers into something I like to look at them in, I only ever try to get them to buy swimwear for men that I think suits them and they won’t be uncomfortable in. I’m not going to make some painfully straight guy buy a G-string for example. Partly because I’m not cruel, and partly because I don’t want to get beat up.

In my campaign to widen the range of swimwear for men that it’s acceptable to be seen out in, I recently learnt that I’m not alone. Our store has a sort of ‘back room’, like you’d find in the back of a book store where all the adult books are with half naked women on the cover. A couple of months ago the store manager found a range of alternative swimwear for men online (I wouldn’t like to guess what he was doing with his spare time on the web, but I’ve since decided that I’m not the only guy round here who does this job for the wrong reasons!).

The best pieces back there are from www.koalaswim.com, which is an alternative swimwear for men online retailer. I think that the swimwear is designed by one guy, who has some bottomless pit of creativity when it comes to designing swimwear for men that shows off as much as possible in a sexy way without getting you arrested. Well, actually if you wore some of these pieces of swimwear for men on a public beach you probably would get thrown off it. But I’ve never seen such a creative range of designs that are all so different. Before I saw these I thought there were only so many ways to hide your dick and balls in swimwear for men, but I guess I was wrong!

There are usually two types of regulars in the back room. Tanning isn’t just for women with an expensive manicure and a small dog in a bag, there are just as many men who want to look good naked. This range of micro swimwear for men are perfect for guys ready to strip off and tan on the beach, because swimwear like the ‘Slut Crazy’ outfit leaves practically no skin untouched by the sun. It has a little black pouch at the front to keep your genitals shielded, and two straps that join between the ass cheeks and can be tightened so that it fits pretty much anyone. Obviously the best thing about adjustable straps is that you can move them so that you don’t get two stupid lines on your ass if you’re tanning while lying on your front, so it’s a firm favorite with the
tanning crowd. You can see the guys who are looking for swimwear for men like the Slut Crazy a mile away, because they have a healthy glow, sparkling white teeth and perfect hair.

The other micro swimwear for men enthusiasts are usually guys a bit like me, who find themselves inexplicably attracted to the male form in Lycra. It’s not hard to guess why: just like men who go to the beach to stare at women jiggling around while they play volleyball, watching guys in swimwear is just as hot. If I had the time, I’d probably spend hours a day just sitting on the beach in the sun, soaking up the warmth and watching the guys playing around in the sea and the surf.

The thing about swimwear is that it shows off all the parts of somebody’s body that they usually hide away. It highlights the most sexual parts of a person’s body, without revealing them. Take women for example, whose swimwear is sometimes so small that you probably couldn’t write your name across all the material combined. Except for three triangles to cover their nipples and pubic area, the rest might as well just be string. So when it comes to guys, I’m always really surprised that there aren’t more men who want to show off their bodies. I know that there are loads who work really hard to keep their ass tight and their abs hard, who make sure they have an even tan and go to the gym every night after work, but for some reason they hide behind huge billowing board shorts.

I think that half the problem is that men think it’s gay to wear flattering swimwear for men. And alright, since I’m attracted to guys I can’t really make a case for it not being true, but the fact is that it shouldn’t be. Is it gay to want people to notice you and your body when you walk across a beach? That’s a desire that every man has, whether it’s women or men who they want to turn their heads and stare.

That said, I know that there are groups of gay men who like to wear micro swimwear for men. There’s one group who usually come in together ever Monday and head straight for the back room with all the alternative swimwear in there. At first I treated them like any other customer, but after a while I became curious about what they were doing. They wouldn’t always buy a new piece of swimwear for men each every week, but they never left without buying something so the manager loved them. But I had to wonder what it was they were doing every week that meant they needed a new outfit, so in the end I decided I had to just come out and ask them.

While they were choosing, I sidled up to a guy who was on the verge of getting lost among the snorkeling section who I recognized from the other times the group had visited, and asked him what it was that they did together with the micro swimwear for men every week. As it turns out, I’m not the only one who thinks that the micro swimwear for men looks really sexy. The guys choose each week whether they’re going to go to the public beach or to the pool at one of their houses, and then dress up in alternative swimwear before they go. If they’re heading down to the beach they usually wear the more… decent swimwear. For the beach they were picking out things like the Sweet Boy Thong, which is a popular suit for straight guys who want to tan and show off their bodies. Apparently they love the sun and the beach too much to give it up, but they want to combine that with their hobby of getting together and wearing micro swimwear for men together. There are a lot of micro suits that are designed to be ‘safe for work’ so to speak, because people wouldn’t be surprised by seeing that amount of skin on show. Fortunately people are finally coming round to the idea of men showing off their stuff in public, so I imagined that the group of gay guys would fit right in wearing that sort of suit.

Alternatively, when they’re at the private pool, apparently they wear swimwear for men that is as risqué and revealing as they want. If you’re wondering how revealing a swimsuit could possibly be, let me explain the scale of swimwear for men that’s available. I’ve got quite a lot of time on my hands while the store’s quiet, so creating a scale of sexy swimwear is just one of many things that I’ve done to fill my time.


These are the sort of alternative swimwear that any straight guy wouldn’t have much of a problem wearing, because they show a little more skin but without flashing any skin which has never seen the light of day before. The other key to designing micro swimwear for men is to make sure that you get the balance of rear coverage right. Most guys who want micro swimwear for something other than the way it looks are interested in getting as close to a full body tan as they can without actually getting naked.

Ass Market Bikini

In bright electric blue, the Ass Market Bikini is eye catching and has a full bikini back. It’s only a bit smaller than a pair of Speedos, and a little more forgiving if you haven’t got a lot up front because the pouch gathers it all up and makes it look bigger.

Sweet Boy Thong

This is the sort of micro swimwear for men that a guy can be seen in without worrying too much is on display. It’s a peachy sort of orange, and the front has a pouch that makes your junk look huge because of the shape, so this is one of the pieces of swimwear that straight guys like to wear if they’re feeling a little insecure but they’ve still got plenty to show off.


Taking it up a step, here lies all the swimwear for men that you could definitely wear in public, but you might draw a few surprised glances. Especially if you bend over at the wrong moment.

Work That Cock Bikini

This is part of a new range in grayish blue Lycra. From the back it has nice, semi bikini coverage, but a really thin set of straps around the waist that look almost like string. At the front, that string stretches down in a Y to a pouch to cup your dick and balls. Somehow, this makes your penis look much bigger than it is, possibly because you have quite a large bulge in a small pouch.

Penetration Bikini

As you might have guessed, there’s a reason why we separate the micro swimwear for men section from the rest of the store. The penetration bikini wraps around a combined cock ring and ass hook, that it simply won’t stay on without. The pouch makes your dick look big, especially when it’s half hard, and in yellow it looks really good. Half the attraction about the Penetration Bikini is that you can wear it and have the cool metal inside you, but as long as you don’t bend over and spread your legs directly in front of someone’s face (which I guess you might be inclined to do every now and then!), no one will know that it’s not a normal bikini.

Pussy Boy

This is a femsuit type of swimwear for men, which is in bright pink and is designed to flatten your dick and balls so that there’s no bulge at the front. I simply didn’t see the attraction of these until I saw one of the customers wearing a skin colored one on the beach. It has straps at the side which can flatten your bulge so well that from a distance it looks like a guy is a girl, especially if he has a really feminine or slim body.


In the darkest corner of the backroom are the swimsuits that incorporate sex toys, like ass hooks, cock rings and even chastity devices for men. Obviously you can’t stroll down the beach or dive into the local pool in these without some over-zealous mother accusing you of attempting warp children’s minds or something equally stupid.

Diablo Bikini

In bright shiny red, you couldn’t wear the Diablo in front of your grandparents at a family pool party. A semi-bikini back covers a little of you at the rear, but at the front the red Lycra stretches down to wrap around a black cock ring the keeps you hard and holds your erection straight out in front of you. Beneath the shaft of the penis and above the balls, the suit continues with material that separates your testicles and holds them firmly in place. I can imagine a lot of activities that would pretty awesome wearing the Diablo Bikini, which somehow hides very little of your body but has a completely different, exhibitionist sensation when you’re wearing it that you wouldn’t get if you were just nude.

Explosive Sex

This is one of the most extreme designs we have, and I have to admit that I’d be a bit too scared to try it on! With an ass hook and a cock ring that wraps around the balls as well as the base of the cock, two pieces of blue Lycra then stretch up from the ass and abdomen when they’re attached to the metal of each sex toy, and go over the shoulders. It looks a bit like the mankini that Borat wears and absolutely everything is on display.

Chastity Bitch Thong

With a thong back and in sensible black, the Chastity Bitch Thong covers pretty much everything you need to be decent. However, it’s made to fit around a male chastity cage, so it has a pouch for the balls and a pouch for the shaft that stretches around the chastity device once it’s locked in place. It actually looks really hot, especially if you don’t know what the guy is wearing underneath.

I once thought that anyone who wore some of the last selection of swimwear for men probably had to have their own pool, or they would’ve been sent to prison for exposure long ago. However, after speaking to the guy who came in with the group of men, I realized that these guys liked the way the swimwear felt as much as the way that it looked. Often they were wearing it as underwear beneath their day to day clothes, getting a kick out of wearing something so tight and restrictive and nobody knowing about it.

It wasn’t long since starting work at the swimwear for men store that it started to spill over into the rest of my life. Most of my friends have pools, so every time I was round one of their houses for a hot, sunny day, I used to watch everyone else splashing around in the water and imagine what they could be wearing instead of board shorts or Speedos. I also decided to use my employee discount and find out what it was that all the guys who came in and looked at the micro swimwear for men thought was so great – I was pretty sure that I could pay for something without the store manager noticing it was me.

Playing it safe, I chose to get the Sweet Boy Thong and the Work That Cock Bikini. Stuff like the Penetration Bikini intrigued me and sent a thrill up my spine (not to mention the thought of wearing them made me hard), but I wanted to work up to the idea of having swimwear for men combined with sex toys. I’d never used sex toys on myself before so the idea was sort of overwhelming. When I was sure that the house was empty, I tried on the Work That Cock Bikini and checked it out in front of the mirror. I thought that it didn’t look right until I shave off my pubic hair properly, but once I’d taken a razor and some shaving foam to the area, suddenly it all slotted together. I haven’t got a really muscled physique, but by wearing the micro swimwear, everything looked better proportioned and I like the shape of my body better.

I could see how it would be great for tanning, because I’d never worn anything smaller and that covered less of my body before in my life, and despite covering my genitals, it felt almost the same as being naked. The semi-bikini back wasn’t quite the same as wearing a thong, because it didn’t dig in in all the wrong places and it was tight and yet not clingy at the same time. I stood with my back to the mirror and bent over, watching the way that the swimwear for men hugged my ass. At the front, because my dick and balls were all bunched together to be able to fit into the tiny pouch, it stood proud of my profile and made my package look much bigger, especially with the minimal string-like straps on each side. As I looked at myself in the mirror and rearranged myself in the bikini pouch, I started to get hard.

I knew that swimwear for men turned me on, but I had always assumed that it was looking at other guys in the swimwear for men that got me hot, not the idea of it in general. Still, it felt really hot to be wearing something so small and tight, and the thought of other people seeing me wearing the Work That Cock Bikini and seeing me almost naked made me hard so quickly that the pouch wasn’t enough to cover me anymore. It was a warm day outside, so I decided to change into the Sweet Boy Thong and go outside to our pool for a swim. Fortunately the pouch was bigger, so I could just about tuck my erection inside it without the Lycra being completely stretched out of shape. Before I headed outside, I turned my back on the mirror again and bent down, watching the way that the Lycra stretched over my asshole and over my balls.

Once I got outside in the light of day, it suddenly felt a little more public. People couldn’t see into my garden, but the light breeze felt strange on skin that had probably never seen the light of day before and it felt erotic to lie stretched out on the grass at the poolside. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t help myself and started rubbing my dick through the Lycra, enjoying the feeling of it against the sensitive skin. It was around then – when I climaxed while wearing the Sweet Boy Thong and thinking of the way it was pressing against my balls and ass – that I decided that I wasn’t going to be able to stop with just one taste of wearing micro swimwear for men.

As soon as I got a chance to, I bought myself a Penetration Bikini. I wasn’t sure about the yellow color, but I reasoned that I was only going to wear it when no one was around anyway, so that wasn’t a huge deal. This was more difficult to put on than the other swimwear for men, because I knew that it would be easier to get the cock ring on when I was soft, but as soon as I thought of putting that cool metal sex toy on and in myself, I got hard. Finally I decided to bite the bullet and just go for it. I slipped the cock ring around my half hard member, and then attached the material to it, making sure that the actual swimwear was around my hips and comfortable against my dick.

I then carefully pushed the ass hook inside myself, and rearranged the bikini to make it comfortable. It looked like any normal micro swimwear for men, which I figured was the reason that so many men quietly slipped into the store like they didn’t know what they were searching for, and then headed for the backroom as soon as nobody was looking so that they could buy it. As I looked at myself wearing the bikini with the cock ring around the base of my penis and the ass hook inside me and saw a guy wearing a bikini that looked completely innocent, I wondered how many of the guys who you saw at the beach were secretly being penetrated by sex toys under the Lycra of their swimsuit. Probably not as many as I hoped, because if they were anything like me they would probably have a huge erection, and mine was kind of obvious now that I thought about it.

Once I was in the pool, swimming, I realized that the Penetration Bikini was much more than just for looks – it felt absolutely amazing when I moved. Every time I took a stroke through the water, I could feel the cock ring tightly around the base of my dick. The ass hook moved inside me too, rubbing against my prostate gland teasingly. In the end I was doing laps just to feel the soft sensation of the ball at the end of the hook rubbing inside me.

When I climbed out of the pool an hour later, having climaxed twice through wearing the Penetration Bikini, I had to conclude that I was a convert to the world of swimwear for men that used sex toys inside them. There was absolutely no way that I could wear any of them in public without having an erection that was immediately obvious. Part of me was completely okay with that, but part was also considering buying a chastity device to go with the swimwear for men that matched it and would fit over it, so that nobody would know how hard I was underneath.

Suddenly I could see what the gay men who came in to the store just to head straight for the back room and the micro swimwear for men were so enthusiastic about – I liked the feeling of wearing the tiny swimsuits with their soft and tight Lycra, and now that I knew how good it was to wear it as well as to see other guys wearing the swimwear for men, I completely understood why they wanted to share their passion for it.

I think that I’m going to finish with an appeal to every guy who has never even thought of alternative swimwear. To all you men who get your mom or girlfriend to buy your swimsuit for you. Who have the same swimwear for men that they get out every summer and have kept for years. Who don’t buy a new swimsuit when they gain or lose weight. Who have never worn anything other than board shorts except for being forced to wear Speedos at school. Why not try something different? Step out of the ordinary and give some alternative swimwear for men a try; you don’t have to dive in at the deep end and head straight for the first extreme erotic swimwear that you see. Instead, think of a different back, perhaps a bikini, half bikini or thong that makes the most of your ass instead of hiding it away. If that’s too much, why not look for swimwear which has a different pouch at the front? Most guys automatically think that the tighter it is, the smaller your dick will look behind the Lycra. That’s not always the case though – swimwear for men like the Work That Cock Bikini actually make your package look much bigger. If you go through life without even considering an alternative kind of swimwear for men, you might find that you’re missing out on looking great on the beach – maybe even from standing out from the crowd in a good way.