Designer Swimwear for Men to Be the Center of Attention


I have been looking for designer swimwear for men for a couple of months since I want to be ready for summer. I don’t want to wear the same swimwear that everyone else is already wearing anymore so finding someone that can create something specifically for me is a high priority. I want to be able to walk out on that beach and have everyone turn their heads in my direction. I love the attention that I get anyway and wearing something designed for me will give me even more attention.

There are numerous sites online that have designer swimwear for men, but I still haven’t found that one special design just yet. I have seen a lot of great designs but they are all designs that I have seen other guys wearing at one time or another in the past. I want something that no one else has thought about wearing to the beach.  That is the goal for me anyway even though it probably won’t work out that way for me. But I am keeping hope alive and I will eventually find a designer that feels the same way about swimwear as I do. I just hope it is sooner rather than later.

If you aren’t as specific about the style of designer swimwear for men as I am, then you won’t have any problems. You can go to virtually any website that sells swimwear and find something remarkable to wear to the beach. It is just that I am a bit more particular than I probably should be, but it is important to me to be the center of attention. I guess that doesn’t really make me come off sounding too good, but I’m not egocentric or anything. I just want people to enjoy my body as much as I enjoy it on a regular basis.

Equality in Swimwear for Men

After spending some time looking around online at different swimwear for men, I have come to the conclusion that there are a lot of weird guys in this world. I don’t mean to say that there is anything wrong with them or anything like that. To each his own, I always say. But some of the swimwear designs that I have seen lately make me question basic reasoning skills of some guys. I guess it has more to do with the fact that I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing these designs      myself so it makes me a bit uncomfortable seeing others doing it.


On the other hand, with so many different designs of swimwear for men being available; it opens up a whole new aspect of what is acceptable in public. I can see a lot of guys wanting to be able to wear whatever they want out on the beach. After all, there are a lot of women that are wearing some really skimpy swimwear and people have no issues with that. Why can’t guys wear something that makes them feel sexy as well? I may not be comfortable wearing these designs in front of other people, but that doesn’t mean those guys can’t wear them if they want to.

Although I would like it if the guys that are wearing the sexier swimwear for men would take the time to make their bodies look sexy. There is nothing worse than strolling down the beach and seeing a fat middle aged man wearing a thong. At least to me there is nothing worse than that. I don’t care if he wants to wear something like that but at least there could be a beach where that would be totally acceptable for all involved. Maybe I should stop focusing on the bad side of this aspect of swimwear and do some more research on all the good things that can come from wearing these designs.


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The Evolution of Swimwear for Men

If you haven’t been paying attention, or haven’t been to a beach lately, then you probably haven’t noticed the different swimwear for men that’s available these days. The fact that you haven’t seen any means that you are missing out on something fantastic to say the least. This swimwear is some of the sexiest stuff you will ever see in public. Granted, you might see some really sexy stuff in the privacy of your bedroom, or someone else’s for that matter. But being able to go out to the beach and see these swimsuits will amaze you.

I have paid close attention to the swimwear for men designs over the last couple of decades and they are changing for the better. I know there are probably some guys that will argue that point, but it’s nice to see men freely exploring their sexiness these days. It used to be all about covering up and looking masculine but, now, it’s about opening up and showing off the body you have. That is amazing to me and I think it is a good thing to finally happen for men. We have allowed women to do this for years, but guys were always left to feel like sexiness wasn’t something they could enjoy.

Hopefully, the swimwear for men designs that are coming in the future will be even sexier than what we have now. More guys need to understand that they can go out in public and show off their body just like women can. Plus, they shouldn’t feel ashamed of having a sexy body to show off. It will give more guys confidence and allow them to feel like they belong. I love living in an age where things like this can happen, and I greatly look forward to seeing what else the human race might bring out into the public atmosphere in the future.




Swimwear for Men to Flatter Your Body Type


A very important part of choosing swimwear for men is insuring that you are selecting something that will flatter your body type. After all, you do want to look your very best when you hit the beach or appear at a resort swimming pool. The attention that you want to gain when wearing your swimsuit should be positive and admiring as opposed to pointing and laughing. The best way that you can keep that from happening is to be very selective when you are shopping for your swimwear. It is not always an easy process, though, and it can even be quite brutal if you are in less than decent shape.

The first step that you should take is to visit a local menswear shop or spend some time on the Internet perusing websites that sell swimwear for men. After choosing the swimsuit that seems to be calling your name the loudest, purchase it. Once you have it at home, try it on and stand before a full length mirror to gain an assessment of how you really look in the swimsuit. If you do not feel that you can trust your judgment on this, bring in someone that you do trust to give you an honest opinion of how you look. Be aware that this exercise may have to be repeated several times before you get it right. On the other hand, it just might be handled the first time around.

The point is that you will want to find swimwear for men that make others sit up and take notice when you walk by them on the beach or appear at the resort swimming pool. By wearing a swimsuit that flatters your body in the best light, you are inviting the most positive attention that you could get. Keep in mind that you may also end up collecting plenty of phone numbers and dinner invitations when you are wearing the swimsuit that flatters your body the most of any other. Extreme men’s swimwear designs including bikinis, thongs, G-strings, pouch only swimsuits, male transformation designs and male enlargement fashions.

New Styles of Swimwear for Men

New Styles of Swimwear for Men

Each year, the introduction of the summer season launches the debut of new styles of swimwear for men. At first glance, it may appear that these styles are not all that different from those of years gone by. However, when you take a second, closer look at them, you will notice that there are certain differences that you have not noticed on past styles. This can be verified simply by going through the swimsuits that you have in your closet currently and comparing them to the new styles. On the other hand, why waste your time doing that when you can simply start working your way through the new designs and add them to your wardrobe.

One of the first things that you will notice in the new styles of swimwear for men might be various color differences. These can be new shades or hues that have been developed by these men’s swimsuit designers in order to give a tired design a brand new look. For instance, they may take an ordinary blue or green color and mix things so that there are fresh shades to add to the innovative designs that are created expressly for the latest in swimwear creations. Not only are colors involved but also modern prints. Even vintage prints can become modern if they have not been used in the same context in the past.

The best designers of swimwear for men can take even the most outmoded design and put a fresh look to it. That makes it look and feel new when the latest summer season launches its brand new appearance. There are many ways to disguise and revamp old designs. It just takes talented designers to sit down and do just that. That is why you probably should not pay so much attention to the fact that the new styles of swimsuits might not be completely different from older ones. You might just take all of the enjoyment out of the new swimsuit season for yourself.