Selecting Swimwear for Men that Flatters You


I love swimwear for men and always have. I fell in love with the simplistic designs decades ago and have found that the more complicated designs are just as sexy on some guys. There is something romantic about finding that one design that you have never seen anyone else wear to the beach and buy it so you can be the first. You can show the world that you are just one step above them on the ladder of success. Some people might think that I am egotistical for saying things like that but I don’t care. It is the truth.


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I will say that I do not think everyone should be wearing the same swimwear for men designs that I tend to wear. There are just some guys in this world that will never look good in something so sexy no matter how hard they work. I do not say this to be mean, either. I just honestly do not want to see these guys out on the beach wearing something that shows off their nasty bodies. I do not think anyone else would want to see that, either, but they are all too afraid of hurting someone’s feelings to come out and say anything. I think it is better than having them walking around with everyone making fun of them. Would that not hurt their feelings more than just being pulled to the side and spoken to privately? In my opinion, I would prefer that but then that is just me.

Sometimes you have to come to the conclusion that wearing sexy swimwear for men just might not be something for you. That does not mean you cannot wear it in the privacy of your own pool, though. If you have friends that don’t mind how you look in your swimwear, then you can go hang out with them, too. But taking something like this out in public is something that you should definitely try to avoid if at all possible. Find something that fits your body before heading out to the beach so that you do not ruin everyone’s day.

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