Why Shouldn’t I Wear New Swimwear for Men Designs

Some people just don’t understand the concept of wearing newer swimwear for men designs. They think that the outdated swim trunks are the only thing men should be wearing and they frown at anyone that wears anything else. The problem is that they will sit there in the sand and watch all the women walk by with their sexy thongs and whatnot without giving it a second thought. They love seeing women strolling down the beach wearing something that barely covers their bodies but put a guy in a micro or a thong and heads will roll.

Extreme swimwear designs by www.koalaswim.com

I find it amusing on one hand that people are so up in arms about the new designs in swimwear for men but another part of me gets really upset. Everyone is screaming for equality these days but no one is accepting the fact that everyone is already equal to some degree. They feel that they are being mistreated by someone else and they snap at them but they don’t feel that getting hateful towards that other person is mistreating that person in anyway. Then when that person gets upset about how they are being mistreated they turn it back on the person they originally mistreated and the cycle continues.

I find it much easier to just wear my new swimwear for men designs out on the beach and hope that people will eventually start living their own lives. I don’t butt in because they are wearing something I wouldn’t wear and I would hope that no one would do something like that to me. I live by the code of “live and let live” because it seems to be a lot easier to go by than anything else. I let women wear whatever swimwear they want to wear to the beach and I want men to be able to wear whatever they like to the beach. I feel it is a personal expression of who they are and they should have the right to choose that expression if they so desire. I will not stand in your way and I don’t think you should stand in my way if I want to wear something sexy either.


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