Swimwear for men Love for spandex

If you want to wow your man, start wearing the sexy swimwear for men and flaunt those packed abs that you have been painstakingly working out at the gym for quite some time now. With your well sculpted body, your muscled and long legs, and the newly bought sexy hot swimsuit. They are a great sight to be seen while you strut your way towards the crowd. You will definitely be the night’s hot topic.


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I have been working so hard to get into shape so I can show off the abs that I have now. I am really happy that I did all those gym times; it is paying off especially when I wear my newly bought swimwear for men thong style in deep blue. I like my looks on it and I am told by quite a few that it contrasts my fair white skin too. I am going to get a few more of these, but I am thinking to get a different types. Maybe I could start to try on G strings too. I was told it is very hot and sexy to look at. I want to be like that. Hot and sexy, looking so delectable for him.

Swimwear for men yummy styles!

Yummy Swimwear for Men


Swimwear for men Yummy style by koalaswim.com extreme swimwear

Swimwear for men Yummy style by koalaswim.com


I feel so yummy every time I wear swimwear for men. It’s like I am transformed into this guy who is all about having fun in bed and anywhere else. I like how people would usually look at me and ask me what’s my secret and I can’t help but feel proud. I wouldn’t usually tell them that it’s all about what’s underneath me. I think that makes up for the suspense.


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Speaking of suspense, I like how I need to usually create and recreate myself by making up all these stories with my partner. But just like any book, I like heightening the element of suspense. Guys love it when I do that. They tell me that they want to taste me almost too immediately and I wouldn’t oblige just like that. They will ask me and beg me and I will just keep them waiting.


And then when I’m ready to go, and when my dick is as hard as it can possibly ever contain, I will give them what they want. They would usually grab the swimwear for men that I am wearing, carefully oblige and suck into my cock. What a great feeling!

Swimwear for men no more board shorts!

So many options when it comes to swimwear for men! But don’t let this hold you back from finding the best one to work you assets. All you have to do is begin your search at this very minute for the best options that’s available out there for sure. Remember, the idea is to find a type that will not only make you feel confident but that will also make your dick look as delish as possible.


Swimwear for men by koalaswim.com extreme swimwear

Swimwear for men by koalaswim.com


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Chances are when you find your match with a swimwear for men that’s right for you, then you are guaranteed that everyone you meet at the beach will definitely like to taste your body. Of course, you have to prepare for this encounter too to make sure that you wouldn’t disappoint anyone. Also, be as game as you can possibly ever imagine yourself to be.


So many swimwear for men are out there but if you are after quality, flexibility, and durability you have to make sure that it’s from Koala designs because they are known for creatig the best types of swimwear that will make everyone feel a certain pang of lust for you.

Swimwear for men sheer suits for fun

For my recent birthday, my boyfriend surprised me with three sets of swimwear for men. At first I was a bit hesitant because I didn’t really know if it would fit me and my personality in general. The first time I wore this thong-like design, I was quite uncomfortable because it’s way different from the usual kinds. But eventually it turned out for the best and I am glad that I have tried it.


Swimwear for men sheer by koalaswim.com extreme suit designs

Swimwear for men sheer by koalaswim.com


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Swimwear for men has made me become more comfortable of myself and of my sexual preference. That is to say, I used to worry too much about whether or not people will accept me if I come out and tell them that I am gay. I am lucky to have super supportive parents thus coming out to the family wasn’t a challenge but coming out to the rest of the world truly was.


Thankfully after seven years from the first time I admitted to my friends that I have a boyfriend of a year at that time and now of eight years, they accepted me and continued loving me. And now, with my newfound love for swimwear for men, I am more confident and contented with myself and who I truly am.

Swimwear for men your first bikini

Swimwear for Men

There is something about swimwear for men that drive people crazy. This goes for both men and women, which is evident by how much attention you will get when you step foot out on the beach wearing these items. Of course, there are some guys that are looking for swimwear items that are a bit more erotic in nature, and they tend to purchase these items from Koalaswim.com. Now, there are plenty of other places that you can purchase your swimwear from, but none of them are going to give you the uniqueness and excitement that Koalaswim.com swimwear can provide.

If you think that all swimwear for men is created equal, then you have evidently been shopping for all of your items at your local retail store. You need to step outside the box and see what else is available to you these days. Most retail stores only get a few designs that fit in with societal standards, but Koalaswim.com lets you decide what those standards are to you. Instead of trying to fit in with everyone else and be just another sheep in a long line to the slaughter, you get to think for yourself and take that aspect of being an individual to its limits. Of course, that means you are going to have to think for yourself from time to time. If you think you can handle that, then you should go to Koalaswim.com and see what they have. If you can’t think for yourself, then stay with Wal-Mart purchases.

Your first bikini is always some thing to give real thought about. How will it look on me? how will I feel wearing it around friends or at the beach? Thereis a lot to consider but the first step is to order a designs you like. I would say pick out a design that does not make you to nervous and after you do that order a suit just a little more revealing. We want you out of your comfort zone when choosing swimwear for men.


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Swimwear for men by koalaswim.com

Swimwear for men by koalaswim.com


Swimwear for men tired of surf shorts, board shorts and Speedos

Sexy and Sultry: The New Thong Swimwear for Men


Gone were the days when sexy and sultry are only used to describe women’s lingerie. Even males these days have a say on what they want to use and how they prefer to express themselves. The newest thong swimwear for men is all about sexy and sultriness that will keep everyone on the look out for what lies underneath.


As expressive males embark on a journey towards their manlihood, it is these swimwear for men that await them. With lovely colors and styles, their real personality will truly shine bright. Imagine being able to wear a truly comfortable thong swimwear that you can show off at the beach with all the women turning their heads at your direction? Better yet, imagine your crotch on comando and everyone can’t help but stare. You at the other end is simply taking charge of your new found confidence.


Swimwear for men extreme pouch by koalaswim.com

Swimwear for men extreme pouch by koalaswim.com


So if you are looking for an exciting experience this summertime and evey other time you wish to just flaunt your stuff, make it a point to wear swimwear for men that expresses your true choice. You will definitely feel on top of the world making all the girls out there crave for a moment with you by the poolside.


Surprisingly Hot Swimwear for Men


Why limit your erotic experiences in bed when you can very well explore the world as a slave to your naughty crotch? What can make this happen for real is none other than wearing swimwear for men that come in hot colors and even hotter styles. With your penis kept in place and your butt skin showing from behind, what else is there to look for?


Other than this, your naughty swimwear for men will be the total expression of yourself. If you’re wondering why then it’s fairly simple. While you’re making out with a hot chick in bed and you start feeling your crotch hardening, just the normal swimwear wouldn’t be enough to give you the right amount of space. With this thong swimwear for men, your long penis is certainly accommodated.


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So, you can very well countless hours while at work or at play as long as you’re wearing the right stuff. The attractive colors will be great to show off too and everyone would find it attractive so wait no longer and grab the newest thong swimwear for men you can ever find and you will have the ride of a lifetime for sure.


Summer Heat Made Memorable by Swimwear for Men


The summer heat is just around the corner and wouldn’t like to grab the opportunity to actually make something out of it. If you’re tired of usually just skinnydipping by the beach while watching women walk around, then it’s about time to actually hook up with on. But how can this happen this summertime you might wonder? Simple, through the help of your newly purchased thong swimwear for men.


Your new swimwear for men will definitely do wonders for you because now, not only will your face be shown under the bright sunlight but also your cock and but as well. The tighter your swimwear is the better because it will take the shape of your dick and every female you meet will drool over it.


Do not give in easily though and let them revel in their excitement as they try their best to imagine how your cock looks. Try wearing the yellow shade of your swimwear for men since it is one of the lightest most saleable one in the bunch. Other colors like red are equally exciting because it will bring out more passion in the sex that you are about to have.

Swimwear for men I love spandex Lycra

At some point, it has been a misconception that sexy swimwear for men are being marketed to the bi and gay population alone. Never did many know that the straightest guys love to wear them for the fact that it does look sexy, oh no –it looks HOT on them but also that their partners love it! This has been going on for many years already and mostly in discretion. That is understandable. The kinks that people have lies deep within oneself and often times it emerges only with the right person or partner to share it with.


It is a very nice moment to share together. Imagine how you would look like wearing a tiny thong swimwear for men and strut your way towards your partner waiting for you by the pool. Everyone will be aghast and open mouthed drooling over that hunk of a man in you. While on the other hand, your partner will be very much proudly welcome you to come beside and sit for every eyes to see.

Such an amazing feeling! Who would not want their men to look sexy and flaunt it to everybody to see just for you? Don’t hold back now, get one and start strutting that buff body and toned muscles of your on your next pool escapade.


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Photo of me wearing a micro bikini. I thing the pouch looks great from the rear. Wish all swimwear for men looked this hot!


Swimwear for men by koalaswim.com my bikini!

Swimwear for men by koalaswim.com