Swimwear for men extreme spandex Lycra suits

Swimwear for men by koalaswim.com extreme designs

Swimwear for men by koalaswim.com

My sex life was at an all time low for almost a year now. I have been told that I perform extremely well in bed so I am certain that isn’t the problem. There are some instances too wherein I will find a partner randomly at a bar and we will hook up and he automatically can’t get enough of me. He will call the day after and would ask for even more. But it seems that for the past couple of months this seldom happens.


I was talking to my gay friend when he said that it’s not my performance that’s the problem but rather my choice when it comes to swimwear for men. I didn’t realize it until then that this is indeed something truly important. I mean, people want to experiment especially those whom you’ve just met randomly at the bar. They want a great performance and they want a great foreplay too.


Mens swimwear




So just recently, I checked out the designs from Koala when it comes to their swimwear for men and I am so happy and grateful for what I found. Everything looks extreme and that my real personality in bed. So I am sure that the next time I hit the bars and hook up with a hunk, he won’t be able to resist me!

Swimwear for men your first bikini

Swimwear for Men

There is something about swimwear for men that drive people crazy. This goes for both men and women, which is evident by how much attention you will get when you step foot out on the beach wearing these items. Of course, there are some guys that are looking for swimwear items that are a bit more erotic in nature, and they tend to purchase these items from Koalaswim.com. Now, there are plenty of other places that you can purchase your swimwear from, but none of them are going to give you the uniqueness and excitement that Koalaswim.com swimwear can provide.

If you think that all swimwear for men is created equal, then you have evidently been shopping for all of your items at your local retail store. You need to step outside the box and see what else is available to you these days. Most retail stores only get a few designs that fit in with societal standards, but Koalaswim.com lets you decide what those standards are to you. Instead of trying to fit in with everyone else and be just another sheep in a long line to the slaughter, you get to think for yourself and take that aspect of being an individual to its limits. Of course, that means you are going to have to think for yourself from time to time. If you think you can handle that, then you should go to Koalaswim.com and see what they have. If you can’t think for yourself, then stay with Wal-Mart purchases.

Your first bikini is always some thing to give real thought about. How will it look on me? how will I feel wearing it around friends or at the beach? Thereis a lot to consider but the first step is to order a designs you like. I would say pick out a design that does not make you to nervous and after you do that order a suit just a little more revealing. We want you out of your comfort zone when choosing swimwear for men.


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Swimwear for men by koalaswim.com

Swimwear for men by koalaswim.com


Swimwear for men I love spandex Lycra

At some point, it has been a misconception that sexy swimwear for men are being marketed to the bi and gay population alone. Never did many know that the straightest guys love to wear them for the fact that it does look sexy, oh no –it looks HOT on them but also that their partners love it! This has been going on for many years already and mostly in discretion. That is understandable. The kinks that people have lies deep within oneself and often times it emerges only with the right person or partner to share it with.


It is a very nice moment to share together. Imagine how you would look like wearing a tiny thong swimwear for men and strut your way towards your partner waiting for you by the pool. Everyone will be aghast and open mouthed drooling over that hunk of a man in you. While on the other hand, your partner will be very much proudly welcome you to come beside and sit for every eyes to see.

Such an amazing feeling! Who would not want their men to look sexy and flaunt it to everybody to see just for you? Don’t hold back now, get one and start strutting that buff body and toned muscles of your on your next pool escapade.


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Photo of me wearing a micro bikini. I thing the pouch looks great from the rear. Wish all swimwear for men looked this hot!


Swimwear for men by koalaswim.com my bikini!

Swimwear for men by koalaswim.com