Swimwear for Men Through the Years

I love wearing swimwear for men, which would be odd if I didn’t since I am a man. I think wearing women’s swimwear would probably be a bit strange although there are some designs out there that look like women would prefer wearing them. I guess it’s good to see mens designs starting to look a lot like women’s designs since everyone is worried about equality and all that. But I think we might be getting close to the final point on that. There is going to come a time when swimwear won’t be labeled for men or women and everyone will be wearing the same thing. I don’t mind seeing guys wearing sexy swimwear for men out on the beach or anything like that, but when I have to wear a two piece bikini because that is all anyone else is wearing; I might stop going to the beach altogether. I doubt something like that is actually going to happen, though. I think women will stop wearing the tops of their two piece bikinis before guys will start wearing them. Now I wouldn’t have any problems with women starting to wear mens swimwear on the beach. In fact, I think a lot of guys out there would prefer to see that. The swimwear for men that I prefer to wear is a bit more traditional to most of the designs that I have seen lately. I have no reason to force people to look at my old wrinkly ass walking down the beach so wearing some of these new designs probably won’t be happening. But I can see why so many guys enjoy them. If I was twenty years younger, I am sure I would be right out there with everyone else wearing them. I used to have a body that was worth showing off, believe it or not. I would have really rocked those men’s swimsuits back then.


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Taking a Chance with Swimwear for Men

If you go out on a beach and ask any guy there how long he has been wearing swimwear for men, he will probably look at you and laugh. It doesn’t matter what kind of swimwear he is wearing, either. He is going to assume that whatever he has purchased in his adult life is thought of as being swimwear specifically designed for men to wear. While it is true that he is a man and he is wearing swimwear; they weren’t exactly designed specifically for men to wear. You can see that by the fact that there are children running around wearing the same exact designs that he has on.

Swimwear for men are a specifically designed style of swimwear that will showcase the male body in ways that most people would have never thought of doing in the past. It’s not all about just showing off the cock, either; so stop thinking that way. The male body is just as beautiful and exotic as any woman’s body can be, and wearing swimwear that the right to wear sexy bikinis for decades. Now it’s time for men to be able to wear designs that will show their bodies off as well.


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One thing that you are going to have to remember is that a lot of people don’t understand the whole swimwear for men aspect of life. They will see a guy walking down the beach in something sexy and assume that he is some kind of pervert. They won’t, however, look at a woman wearing a thong in the same way. Unless you regularly go to beaches where other guys are wearing things like this; you might want to take it easy with the designs you choose. Otherwise; you might as well go wild and see just how far you can push the envelope before people start telling you to change what you are wearing. On second thought, that might be a lot of fun to just go totally wild.

Addicted to Swimwear for Men


There are a lot of different swimwear for men options available on the market these days, and I am one of those guys that is doing everything possible to try on all of them. I may not take some of them out in public since there are decency laws still in effect. But I will wear all the different designs that I can find even if it kills me trying. I’m pretty sure that I won’t die like that, though, but if I am going to go out, I might as well be enjoying myself in a sexy pair of swimwear.

So far, I have a rather large collection of swimwear for men and I’m not stopping anytime soon. It has become somewhat of a hobby, I suppose. In fact, I have already found three more designs over the last couple of days that I will be expecting to show up in the mail soon. One of my favorite things to do is try them on as soon as they arrive and spend some time with them so that I can get a feel of how they are going to fit. That is usually when I decide which ones I am going to be taking out in public next.

I have quite a few swimwear for men designs that I can’t take out in public, too. There are some that I won’t even wear around the house just in case some of my friends show up unexpectedly. I don’t want them to walk in on me wearing some of my more erotic options after all. Although it might help stop them from just blindly walking into my house, but I don’t really want to deal with all the issues that will come up from them seeing me like that. I know my friends well and while my sexy swimwear I wear on the beach doesn’t bother them all that much, some of the erotic options that I have would most definitely unnerve them. On the other hand, I could just start making sure that my door is locked all the time so they cannot just walk in on me.


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Wishing for More Time to Enjoy My Swimwear for Men

Whenever I break out my swimwear for men in the spring, I know that I will eventually have to put them back up again a few months later. While I do love the area of the country that I live in, I wish that the summer would last a bit longer so that I could keep on wearing my swimwear. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible here so I have to be thankful for the few months of summer that I do get to show off my body. Not to mention the couple of weeks in the winter when I take my vacation, which I look forward to mightily.


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However, even with my couple of weeks of vacation thrown in there, I still don’t have enough time to wear my swimwear for men like I would like. I have tried wearing them around the house over the winter, but it just isn’t the same thing. I don’t get the excited feelings that I always get while I am walking around on the beach with everyone looking at me. I love those moments when someone comes up to me and starts asking me questions about the designs that I am wearing. Obviously, not too many people come into my apartment to ask me about my swimwear during the winter months.


Oh well, I will just have to live with the fact that I can’t wear my swimwear for men as often as I would like. It’s one of those parts of life that I have no control over so there is no real reason to worry about it. Actually, now that I think about it I do have some control over this situation. I could move to the place that I tend to vacation and wear my swimwear all the time. I might not make as much money as I do right now, but wearing my swimwear all the time would be a great turn of events. It seems that I might be more attached to the attention that I get when wearing this swimwear than to the swimwear itself. On the other hand, they might be connected.

Selecting the Best Swimwear for Men to Fit Your Body

A lot of time, guys do not pay much attention to what the best extreme swimwear for men might be for them. These men are the ones who head off to Walmart or some other department store and just pick up whatever is hanging on the rack. Now that may be fine for guys that are not all that concerned about how they will look in their swimsuits. On the other hand, men who really want to make a great impression on the people at the beaches they visit will take their time in selecting the very best swimwear for their body types. These are the men who want to be noticed and garner lots of positive attention.

It is very important to consider what sort of swimwear for men will look best on your body. A guy with an out of shape body will want to steer clear of such things as bikinis, Speedos and thongs. Nothing will be more unflattering than swimsuits that show off all of those body flaws. That is why those guys should stick with things like cutoffs and t-shirts or boxer style swimming trunks. If they want to wear something a bit sexier, then they will need to start working on getting that body into eye pleasing shape. Otherwise, they might clear an entire beach just by appearing on it wearing the wrong type of swimsuit.


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While trying on swimwear for men is usually the best way to find that perfect swimsuit for you; it may be difficult to find many unique styles if you just go into a shop. However, if you choose to shop online, you will find all sorts of various swimsuit styles that will catch your eye. Usually, these websites that specialize in mens swimsuits have a detailed size chart so that you will know exactly what you are getting when you order swimwear. Then you simply sit back and wait for it to arrive at your front door. What could be easier and more fun that shopping that way? Once you try it that way, you will probably be spoiled and never shop in physical stores again.

Sensible Swimwear for Men

Even though guys can get pretty wild these days when it comes to swimwear for men, there will always be those few that, for whatever reason, just cannot get in the game. These guys will always be on the conservative side of things. You will never see these men wearing such things as bikinis, thongs, micros, or other such revealing swimsuits. It doesn’t even matter if they have great bodies or not. They are just too shy or religious or something and that holds them back in the matter of looking hot and sexy when they are walking along the beach. Yes, these men will be wearing such things as board shorts, cut-off jeans, boxers and some sort of concealing briefs. They don’t even try to look sexy.

It is probably a good thing that there is still swimwear for men that is designed for the more modest members of the male population. Along with all of the truly sexy and exotic swimwear that many men flock to each summer, you will also find the aforementioned styles that are guaranteed to cover up anything that might appear naked. Some of these men take things a step further by wearing something baggy. This will insure that nothing important or interesting will be outlined in any way shape or form. Who knows what damage it might do if someone happened to get a glimpse of that all-important package? It might cause someone to be mortified to death and that just wouldn’t be good for anyone.


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In all seriousness, swimwear for men does not have to be overly erotic or revealing in order to be sexy, although it might help a little if it is at least somewhat fitted. A shy man might not want to show off his manhood for various reasons but that does not mean that he has to be almost fully dressed when he goes to the beach or a resort swimming pool. He needs to whip off that t-shirt he is hiding under and trade in those shorts for a true mens swimming suit. While you might want to appear sensible, you don’t have to be sexless to do it.

Swimwear for Men in their Middle Years


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Taking my swimwear for men out on the beach has become one of my most favorite things to do over the summer. I used to be afraid to wear anything out of the ordinary in public because I never knew how people were going to react to it. I always figured that I would be ridiculed and laughed at because I was wearing something that no one else was. But once I started seeing other guys walking around in swimwear that wasn’t all that traditional in appearance, I realized that I could do it, too.

I didn’t start out wearing swimwear for men that was overly sexy or anything, though. I tried to make sure that what I was wearing was still considered somewhat normal for a man of my age to wear. After a few weeks I would change into something that was a bit skimpier in nature and hope that no one said anything negative about it. So far, I have done very well since no has had anything bad to say about any of the swimwear options I have chosen to wear in public. If this path holds up, then I will continue to purchase skimpier designs as time goes on.


Some guys can go out and buy the sexiest swimwear for men that they can find and no one will bat an eye over it. I am not one of those guys; at least I don’t think that I am. I am pretty sure that if I walked around with something overly sexy adorning my body, I would have a fair share of complaints coming my way. It probably has to do with my age, though, as I am not a young man anymore and most people think older gentlemen should be wearing things that are less scintillating. But I feel that thought process needs to change just a bit personally and I am doing my part to make that happen.

Finding New Designs in Swimwear for Men


Finding new designs of swimwear for men is one of those things that you will do every time you turn on your computer. I remember having to be in a big city that had lots of beach access in order to find different styles of swimwear. I could go into any chain retail store across the nation and find the exact same designs being sold in each one of them. But now, the internet has given us the ability to let our imaginations take over in certain areas. Thankfully, one of those areas has turned out to be in swimwear.

I was so tired of even being bothered to think about going to the beach knowing that every guy was going to be wearing the same swimwear for men designs that they had been wearing for decades. But now, it is a whole new experience going to the beach because you never know what someone might be wearing when you get there. Plus, having to find a style that you feel is unique enough that no one in your area has seen it yet is exciting as well. Thankfully, there are plenty of designs online that no one would think about wearing where I live that I can usually accomplish that task fairly easy.

Take a few minutes to look for new swimwear for men designs before your next beach trip. You will probably be surprised to see how many guys are wearing the designs you have just found online. Some guys do spend a lot of time trying to make sure they are the first ones wearing anything new to the beach. I know this because I am one of those guys and I love the thrill of the hunt so to speak. Nothing is better than being the one guy that everyone else is looking at because you found something new to wear.


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Designer Swimwear for Men to Be the Center of Attention


I have been looking for designer swimwear for men for a couple of months since I want to be ready for summer. I don’t want to wear the same swimwear that everyone else is already wearing anymore so finding someone that can create something specifically for me is a high priority. I want to be able to walk out on that beach and have everyone turn their heads in my direction. I love the attention that I get anyway and wearing something designed for me will give me even more attention.

There are numerous sites online that have designer swimwear for men, but I still haven’t found that one special design just yet. I have seen a lot of great designs but they are all designs that I have seen other guys wearing at one time or another in the past. I want something that no one else has thought about wearing to the beach.  That is the goal for me anyway even though it probably won’t work out that way for me. But I am keeping hope alive and I will eventually find a designer that feels the same way about swimwear as I do. I just hope it is sooner rather than later.

If you aren’t as specific about the style of designer swimwear for men as I am, then you won’t have any problems. You can go to virtually any website that sells swimwear and find something remarkable to wear to the beach. It is just that I am a bit more particular than I probably should be, but it is important to me to be the center of attention. I guess that doesn’t really make me come off sounding too good, but I’m not egocentric or anything. I just want people to enjoy my body as much as I enjoy it on a regular basis.

Equality in Swimwear for Men

After spending some time looking around online at different swimwear for men, I have come to the conclusion that there are a lot of weird guys in this world. I don’t mean to say that there is anything wrong with them or anything like that. To each his own, I always say. But some of the swimwear designs that I have seen lately make me question basic reasoning skills of some guys. I guess it has more to do with the fact that I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing these designs      myself so it makes me a bit uncomfortable seeing others doing it.


On the other hand, with so many different designs of swimwear for men being available; it opens up a whole new aspect of what is acceptable in public. I can see a lot of guys wanting to be able to wear whatever they want out on the beach. After all, there are a lot of women that are wearing some really skimpy swimwear and people have no issues with that. Why can’t guys wear something that makes them feel sexy as well? I may not be comfortable wearing these designs in front of other people, but that doesn’t mean those guys can’t wear them if they want to.

Although I would like it if the guys that are wearing the sexier swimwear for men would take the time to make their bodies look sexy. There is nothing worse than strolling down the beach and seeing a fat middle aged man wearing a thong. At least to me there is nothing worse than that. I don’t care if he wants to wear something like that but at least there could be a beach where that would be totally acceptable for all involved. Maybe I should stop focusing on the bad side of this aspect of swimwear and do some more research on all the good things that can come from wearing these designs.


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